Sunday, 15 January 2012

Costa Concordia ship rescue panic caught on film?

The following link ( is to some rather poor quality footage of the recent Italian ship sinking and entitled; 'Costa Concordia ship rescue panic caught on film', and the voice-over talks of passengers fighting for life-belts.

It's difficult to see too much on this clip, but it begins with people screaming, then the screaming stops, and people beging talking in quieter voices (mainly in Italian), and they seem to be waiting by the edge of the rail- presumably as they're trying to get off and into lifeboats. There is 1 person wearing a life-belt, but I can't see anyone fighting to try and get it off them, and the general picture seems a lot calmer than that presented by the emotive headline used.

Maybe other footage will emerge of the selfish behaviour reported by journalists, but until it does, why can't they stick to reporting on what actually happened, rather than ill-informed speculation that just buys into the usual dodgy old views of 'panicked' behaviour in emergencies, which are rarely backed up by evidence?

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